About thINKme

About thINKme
About thINKme

Brand Story

Many years ago in sunny Italy, a group of like-minded people came to an epiphany. They decided to create practical, everyday products whose applications would distinguish them from others. The possibilities seemed endless. The products would bring aesthetic values to life.
First was the production of pens. They were an instant hit in the world of design. Afterwards, success followed success. After several decades on the gadget market, our products are found in seventy countries worldwide – but make no mistake, we have no intention of sitting on our laurels.

We are driven by experience, a passion to create, a knack to foresee upcoming trends and our ability to understand the needs of our customers.  We want to be there beside our clients at some of the more memorable moments of their lives. Such moments give meaning and beauty to our lives. We want to be there then, providing the ideal backdrop for creating situations, thoughts and words.
We would like people to realize that every day has the potential to be an opportunity – an opportunity to be inspired, to learn something new or experience another aspect of life. Let us help you to open your eyes – happiness is around the corner.
These principles guided us when creating our brand notebooks thINKme with its unique settings, formats and style. It is a product noted for being practical, its high quality and its individual character.
thINKme – a revolution in way you think, live your life. thINKme is our attempt to help you broaden your horizons, to help you discover how beautiful capturing those fleeting moments. Every now and then allow yourself to be the artist you are. It’s truly worth it! Make life art!